A Truly Refined Face

We all know how much setting a strong base saves a lot of time and effort down the road. This is even true when it comes to our make up routines. After years of searching, I finally discovered the perfect solution and it’s not even the most expensive. However, every time I use it, I feel so luxurious and just like it’s completely made my look immaculate.

About 2 years ago, Sally Beauty opened in our small town here. Of course, I heard about it in the past, just never found time to visit. Walking around, I reminded myself over and over that sure it wasn’t the name brands I was used to seeing on the store shelves, but it was the brands most cosmetologists and make up artists referred back to. I tried out some hair color products and found the best shine spray ever! So, this convinced me, I might want to take a look at their make up products.


Lo and behold: I found my holy grail of sorts! Femme Coutre’s 8-in-1 Foundation sealed the deal for me. I simply can’t stand other foundations now. Sure, I’ll improvise and try here and there, but nothing treats my skin as well. We each have different skin and different reactions to different chemicals in our face products. For me, I tend to start breaking out if I choose a pure liquid and then if I use a powder I start finding patches of dry skin. Especially in a very dry climate area like Southern Colorado, dryness is not a plus. I also hate how it’s so hard to find one that doesn’t just start sweating in summer and disappear by afternoon. We can expect too that if it didn’t, we’d have too much coverage in winter.

So, how is Femme Coutre’s 8-in-1 Foundation different? First of all, the color just sits perfectly and blends in with my skin tone. I’ve tried ivory which can be a lighter one on me, really more the winter tone. Then, I’ve used light. That one is more what we’d expect in summer. For my wedding, I blended the two together. Really, that appeared the best combo and it blended so easily. The 8-in-1 Foundation is literally just that, 8 miraculous products in 1. Not only does it act like a foundation, but it also primes, color corrects, moisturizes, acts like a concealer, and dries into a powder finish, smoothes lines, and it’s 97% oil free!

My skin breathes amazingly with the product. Using the pump top, I put 2 quick pumps on the top of my hand, take a kabuki face brush, and dab it in the pumps I swirl together. Then, I dab the brush in several strategic places on my face. This product goes a long way – there’s no need to go crazy. Once I’ve hit every spot on my face necessary I blend it all in with the brush. It truly gives me this dewy but airbrushed, smooth finish. Plus, it also makes my need for concealer go down a lot! Almost instantly, my skin doesn’t appear to have any make up on it. Sure, with the 8-in-1 products, I don’t need to go on with concealer or powder in most cases, but I tend to. Even then it’s just corn starch as my powder to seal in the oils and keep the foundation set. The foundation never wears off! And my skin feels like I just toned it. No break outs happen. It’s amazing!

I’m not one to want to spend a ton on make up and with the foundation just costing $10-$11, it astounds me how awesome this product is! I feel like it is a HUGE luxury and actually decreases my time in the mornings a lot. And, I never have to buy it too often, try like every 4-6 months!


For me, I could just use the concealer part of the 8-in-1 foundation. However, I am so fair skinned at times, the dark circles under my eyes often pop up and with allergies in full swing, I have some red irritation around the base of my nose. I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect concealer. Again, I’m not one to spend a ton of money on cosmetics.


My sister actually turned me on to Benefits Erase Paste in the month before my wedding. She started ordering it through Ulta and swore by it for her dark circles. My sister doesn’t like to wear a lot of make up either and is even more freckled than me. Yet, for some reason people swear I’m the paler one of us. Nonetheless, put us out in the sun and I tan while she burns and then later peels… LOL. Go figure. I loved Benefits when I used the Benetint product. Benetint always was my go-to for a slight blush and lip tint under my final products. Remember, I used to complain about foundation and other make up vanishing through the day. However, the Benetint kept my cheeks full of color all day.

So, when my sister told me about the erase paste and told me to try it even over my make up one day to see as I broke out horribly along my chin (and only one month before the wedding, oh no! More on that to come too) I thought, why not. I didn’t have my foundation then as I was a little overdrawn on wedding expenses. In the meantime, I’d switched to a more expensive, but drugstore brand. I really broke out badly. Plus, I was tossing and turning with wedding planning and the dark circles were there. As I went to try it just before racing off to a day on the lake with my man, I dabbed it under my eyes and on a few of the pimples. Viola! GONE! Plus, it blended in with my already made up face! Extra bonus! She ordered me one for myself and I love the little, itty bitty spoon that comes with it. I’m not joking when I say that a little goes a long way!

Our Christmas photo (courtesy of the hubby at http://www.touchstonepixels.com) this year with me wearing both products!


I paid $26 for the product and it lasted me 5 months! I just recently ran out again, but decided I wasn’t about to sacrifice this luxury in my life, this time opting for Sephora. Between the Erase Paste and the 8-in-1 foundation I know the base of my look is ensured and solid! Really I feel I look my most immaculate with these 2 at the base. For the wedding, I did my own make up using these products and I loved how the look came off. Plus, it never sweated, melted, or faded. It is my now go-to look every day!

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