Luxurious Enough for Me

Since we started our move mainly there’s been some remarks made by others who seem stunned the hubby and I are attempting to live in an RV for a few months as the house is done. Some act like he’s getting what he wanted which is us out of the house in town and up on the ranch, almost like this is a bad thing. Others say nice things to our face and then spread around what I call garbage about it later.

The first thing I want to say is this, what I saw online this morning and knew applied in this case:


Oh, yes, he is. He knew things weren’t going great for us and to rescue me from worry and drama we saw inevitable with stress levels rising, he sought another means for us. It wasn’t just his goal to get us out into the country and out of where we were. It was mine, it was ours. That’s what a marriage is, right? It’s about a team effort, team decisions. Maybe it’s not what I originally saw happening on the course of my life before meeting him, but things change. Back when my parents moved out here I wanted to live on the ranch too. However, circumstances in my life prevented that, and I chose to do the best I could with what I knew.

Sure, I loved that old Victorian house and put a lot of my own heart and soul along with blood, sweat, and tears into it. Again though, that was my life before my husband. Our new home also will have my own blood, sweat, and tears too as we work on creating it.

Others act like they just are stunned I’d want to live up on 35 acres. Why? I’m by no means too delicate. Having class and living with elegance and refinement doesn’t mean a woman cannot be a brave pioneer. Having class and living with elegance and refinement means being true to who we are, choosing certain standards of our own behavior, and finding our little luxuries no matter what. For me, living out there with nature and less stress and with my amazing husband at my side is quite the luxury. I’ll take less stress and mother nature with my man any day.

Look at Downton Abbey even. He was an earl overseeing the country estate, yet those people had tons of class and were aristocracy. It is what you make of it.

And this journey we’re on together, it’s OUR life and the new life we’re building together. We both in our own way saw this dream before we met, but together we’re making it happen in the way we can. The RV is temporary to help us until the house is ready. We love each other and work great as a team, always have. If anything we’re doing even better with less stress and relying more on each other. Plus, 35 acres of property with gaps between the neighbors and wildlife and beautiful sunsets and sunrises, silence around except for what we make, sitting under the stars together watching them streak across the sky, not worrying about bills crushing us: sounds quite luxurious if you ask me.

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