Home Sweet Home

So, as we finish up the last few loads from town, we can look out the RV front windows at the house. The exterior is complete along with the large porch on the opposite side. However, the inside needs to be finished minus the plumbing and electric. This will be our project this summer.


But I must say how much more peaceful it is up here, and full of privacy. The hubby, aka Brent, pulled up the patio chairs along with his propane fire pit we purchased for the smaller cabin last year. This way we can sit outside with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and overlook the picturesque mountian pass. Our dog, Bailey, loves to lay in the sunshine on the porch.

Having our fire pit makes it all the nicer. Sitting and even roasting the occasional marshmallow allows us to feel almost on a very long camping trip. The stars twinkle overhead and I let us curl up tighter with the nice throw I made us. More of that to follow. The plan is to go up on the second story porch, do my yoga, and then climb into the waiting sauna. Afterward, we can head back down and sit by the fire pit and let the flames calm us as we watch the stars. And guess what: not a sound to disturb us.

Oh, yes. Home sweet home.

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