Ranch, Week 1 Update

So, after nearly two weeks living on the acreage with the almost completed house and residing in the RV, the relief from stress is starting. While there’s still trips to the house in town to bring a few more loads up, we see an end in site.


And part of the great news: we now have gravel. After the heavier snows early in the season melted with the unusual February heat, the ground was thick with slushy mud. I bought a sturdy pair of rain boots to keep my work pants and dress shoes safe. Yet, the load of gravel promises to help us prevent the mud.


While we’ve been keeping warm despite winter in the Rockies, we dropped dramatically on Tuesday with a foot of snow too. Luckily, it’s melting fast. Just hope it doesn’t let our gravel go with it. In the meantime, we’re left with weighing options on how to tame our paths and get around a little better.

Yet with a great view like this…


Who can complain?

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