Coconut Face Care & Richard Ward’s Cleansing Conditioner

In the middle of our move, we included a trip to the Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocer. While there, I luckily found the opportunity for a purchase of a new skin care line. Along with this purchase, my purchase from Joyus of Richard Ward’s Chelsea Collection Cleansing Conditioner allowed me a chance for a regal sense of elegance.


The hubby and I discovered the benefits of coconut oil not long after we started dating. It really is a versatile and amazing health benefit. For years, I suffered with some weird reactions to dairy products. Most of the time, people believed I was lactose intolerant and suggested I try lactose-free milk. However, the problems plagued me. Eczema was present on my eyelids and sometimes on my hands. A burning feeling existed in my throat along with the very upset sensations in my stomach. Besides those symptoms I also frequently felt as though a golf ball blocked my throat. So, after the failure of lactose-free milk offering a solution, I tried out soy milk. The same symptoms showed up. Almond milk, same thing. It wasn’t until Jillian Michaels suggested coconut milk as the least processed of all milks that I found some relief. I went out and immediately purchased So Delicious! Coconut Milk and was instantly in love with it. None of my previous symptoms appeared.

Finally, I went to an allergist who performed the routine tests to see what foods I am allergic to. While he agreed nothing would kill me, but I must watch my limits, eggs surprised me as my number one allergy. I sure did notice the same symptoms with them. Then it was, and wait for it, cow’s milk followed rapidly  by soy and almond. Ah ha! So that explained the entire array of symptoms through all kinds of alternatives!

When I met the hubby, we both read up on an Indian tradition that gained favor in the States as of late: oil pulling. Articles and reviews suggested taking a tablespoon of a raw oil, preferably coconut oil, into your mouth on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and swishing it like mouth wash for about 5 to 20 minutes held rich benefits. Not only was it rumored for cleaner breath, brightening teeth, and relief from eczema, it also vouched for removing bacteria and impurities from the body. We gave it a try and noticed immediate benefits. We also started cooking with it, and found additional benefits for our health. Coconut really is a miracle food!

As we traveled around the store I found the two Everyday Coconut Brands in the face wash and face toner. I was excited to try them out. The face wash consists of coconut oil and comes with a handy little pump already screwed in. Brown in color there isn’t too much smell, but it does strike a chord as the sunscreen or tropical reminder. I love how my face feels once I’ve completed washing. All I do is wet my hands, pump one or two times into my palm, lather up, and smear it all over my face. Following the rinse, I move onto the Everyday Coconut Face Toner which relies on coconut water. With a built in spray top, I just spray the toner across my skin and let it air dry. Instantly, I feel it sinking in and rejuvenating my skin. The effects of coconut really show up. The acne spots tone down, my complexion clears, and what’s left is a nice, rich dewiness with firming.

Typically, I follow up before bed with my own combination of rosehip oil and a little argan oil with peppermint essential oil. But that is for another time. Using the new Everyday Coconut Face Wash and Everyday Coconut Face Toner I’ve reveled in how quickly my skin heals itself and how a glow starts. I’d definitely recommend it. Plus, we can’t beat the price of about $6 per bottle.


Small bottle, but tons of wow! One day recently I found an article online that most press hounds didn’t seem to catch onto for another couple of weeks. Kate Middleton’s famous hairdresser released some of his Chelsea Collection products to the American audiences. However, it was really the announcement of the Cleansing Conditioner that he pushed as based on what Kate uses. Full of botanicals and vitamins, the cleansing conditioner is a one step method to clean, but silkily royal tresses. The ads basically stress that with the use of the cleansing conditioner, we can emulate the Duchess’ fantastic and often enviable hair.

Once a couple of years ago I tried out the WEN products which act in much the same fashion. At first I delighted in the simplicity, but noticed my hair always grew too oily and heavy. Even my own hairdresser was not impressed. She heard horror stories from other clients. I stopped use, especially once I read of a class action lawsuit too. Whether or not those claims are true I have no idea. However, Richard Ward’s creation seemed more intriguing. If Kate entrusted her locks to him, then he must know something. Second of all, I liked the all natural products. He truly made sense in his promotion of the product with the claim that it retaught our hair how to use our own oils instead of stripping the hair. There’s no sulfates either. So, I decided why not try it out? And for only $12 on it sounded like one great deal. It arrived too only about 5 days later. I’m lucky I heard of it when I did as the last time I checked there is now a wait list for more orders.

I love the bottle look. Not just because it’s blue in the color I love, but also because it’s sleek and compact. I followed the instructions of wetting my hair, pumping about 5 to 6 pumps into my palm and coating my hair. However, because my hair is so thick and long, I needed a few more pumps. The bottle even suggests this as necessary depending on what our hair is like. Of course, the product did not lather with the lack of sulfates, but I felt it coating every strand. Instantly, my nose was greeted with the soft tones of a nice musky and elegant perfume. It wasn’t overwhelming. Instead, I really liked the scent more than any other shampoo I’ve tried. Running my fingers through the strands, I ensured the conditioner detangled any snarls along the way. After about 2 minutes I rinsed as it stated to do. I wrapped my tresses up into the hair turban on hand and finished up my tasks.

When I went to dry my hair, the comb smoothly went through with no knots. The hairdryer almost appeared to dry it even faster than a normal wash. Maybe the weight of the conditioner wasn’t making it extra coated. I blew my hair dry and marveled at the vibrant shine that showed up in the dry mane. Plus, I had lots of volume and my hair felt so silky smooth. Sure enough, I could say I had locks reminiscent of the Duchess of Cambridge. I was very pleased indeed. We can all be sure it’s a product I’m definitely hoping comes off the wait list soon and I can purchase again when needed. After 4 to 5 washes now I still have half the bottle left even with averaging 11 to 12 pumps a wash. An added bonus: the hubby loves the scent too left over in my hair. Nonetheless, he still maintains how he misses the scent my hair has that is all me that does come back. Isn’t he such a sweetie? One thing I will say too is that with this product we really don’t need washing as often.

The Duchess’ Enviable Locks


As we start life in the RV for the time being up on the ranch for the next few months until the house is ready, and deal with the blowing dirt, mud pits of melting snow, and find ourselves confined in tighter quarters, the scents of the products also make me feel more luxurious and more at peace. I highly recommend each of these products…. even if just to feel a tiny bit more like royalty in our daily commoner lives.

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