Valentine’s Thoughts


Ah…. Valentine’s Day… the once dreaded but now celebrated holiday. For many years, I still admired Valentine’s Day while single. I never felt horrible. Sure, I didn’t like the being alone aspect when it occurred. However, I thought it was sweet to see those lucky enough to be in love have an added anniversary or an added day to be as cheesy as they want and not judged by the rest of the world. This year it marks my third Valentine’s with my honey. The first year, we were dating. Second year, engaged. And now, for our third, we’re spending it as the first as husband and wife. Not to mention it’s just about our 6 month point in that first year.

With the move occurring it’s really difficult to fit in the time to celebrate, but we’ve made a commitment together to make the time and find our own style for the day. Instead of opting for a nice dinner out like we considered, we decided instead to just enjoy a nice breakfast out for two. In many ways, this is a different approach. The cliche tends toward dinner. And because of Valentine’s falling on a Sunday this year, many couples went out last night. Then that leaves the brunch crowd. Prices are a little higher and there’s more of a rush put on us as it cuts into a good chunk of the early day before we can get to the ranch and meet our responsibilities there with the move. In our small town, Sunday mornings usually stay quiet as the church goers are absent, present for service,but not around town. For this reason and budget constraints with not to mention plans with the visiting family before they leave, we’re opting for the breakfast option. We could’ve done breakfast in bed. In fact, I’d love us to eventually. However, we’re both up naturally before the sun and neither one of us should have to cook for the other this year as we rush packing. Plus, I’m still on the quest for a nice breakfast tray. One other reason we chose this option is we’re supposed to go get ourselves set up at the ranch since in 24 hours it will be our new place. So, we’re going up at 10 to see his dad and Grandma and then later grill with them. They head home tomorrow after all the help this week.

Breakfast for 2 can be just as romantic as dinner or brunch

Even though we’re grilling with them, we’re making it an early dinner. That way we can come home and celebrate at the house one last time in town. It is a different celebration this year, but should be a nice one. This is the home where we fell in love, the home that was mine before I met my husband, and the home we greeted our little dog (child in many ways) Bailey into our lives too. We planned our engagement here, our wedding, and discussed all our hopes and dreams too. We also created our business Touchstone Pixels and used this as our base. Yes, sad to leave in some ways. Yet, it was always MY home before him and he was moving in, trying to make it his too. Now, we’re moving onto a better life, a new home, and a home on acreage. Quiet, beautiful, and full of nature it’ll be OUR home, our future, and a place Bailey can run to her heart’s content. So, tonight, begins a celebration of us, our love, what makes us who we are, and our hope for the future together. Not only with the move going on this week, but also through other planning we’ve started the next steps for our life together. One major plus too: scheduling of sorts allowed me to take tomorrow off work. So, we don’t need to make it an early night and can enjoy tomorrow morning together too before the afternoon obligations.

I’ve been told the hubby will be setting things up here as he wants me to run off and get dessert for us. So, what he has in store… I don’t know for sure. In the past he’s surprised me with candlelight dinner he made on his own and champagne, followed by my favorite movie snacks and my favorite movie on the screen, “The Notebook.” There’s a lot of people watching the classic “Love Actually” celebrating all stages and types of love in the world. That’s an interesting film. Simple, funny, but also showing how complex love can be. To me, it’s the perfect movie to remember on a day of love after “The Notebook.”

So enjoy the day and celebrate all your loved ones — and most of all, remember to have your heart open. You never know what may warm the soul.

My hubby and me – my favorite and best ever Valentine!

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