Super Bowl 50

So, it is Super Bowl Sunday again… #50. And it’s the much beloved Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. While I must confess I failed to watch much of the football season, the AFC playoff game between the Patriots and Broncos was a great match. But even more thrilling to see the Broncos make their 8th franchise trip to the Super Bowl. On the other hand, most of us know how the Panthers vs Cardinals game went down. To me, that makes them the more dominant team entering today’s match. However, I’ve always been a girl to root for the underdog and also because I do love Colorado now, the Broncos are now my home team.

We’re hosting a little BBQ and get together for family today at our home as a final hurrah before heading to the ranch. The house is mid move, floors are indeed filthy, pictures mostly off the walls, and little bits of clutter piles around. Hey, we’re moving here… LOL. While all this is going on, the movie room is ready to go: surround sound in full force, the Xbox set to stream on our movie screen, and seating prepared. Brent’s out at the grill, starting the fire at 8am and throwing the chuck roast (recipe to follow in a separate blog) on to smoke all day. Sausage will join it later. We’re not doing the usual wings and corn dogs and nachos and 7 layer dip fare. Instead, we’re opting to show off how our gluten and dairy free diet can still be easy for others to join us.

Kettle cooked BBQ potato chips along with bacon wrapped shrimp marinated in BBQ sauce and a fruit tray will be the appetizer courses throughout the game. Then, the roast comes off the grill smoked to perfection and tasting as comparable to a brisket as one can get. Brent really just puts a rub on it and then throws it on for several hours. Besides those choices, we’ll also have steamed rice, sausage, and green beans for a full meal about midway through. Everything already smells heavenly… I love the days Brent fires up the grill and starts smoking some delicious entrees. There’ll be plenty more opportunity for that on the ranch.

So goodbye old Victorian home… a little sad but mostly ready for the new adventure. And go Broncos! Enjoy the game!

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