Time for the Outdoors

Wow! July arrives tomorrow! Where does time go?

Not sure about everyone else, but I feel a great desire to take off on outdoor adventures. A day shooting my bow & arrows would be awesome. Or even just lounging out in the warm, delicious sun while reading.

I’ve searched lately for hiking trails, ready to lace up my boots and slather on the eucalyptus oil as a natural bug deterrent. Honestly, I think the hubby seemed a little surprised when I shared I can’t wait to hike a trail with him. I’ve always loved going, but with my changes in lifestyle and healthy habits, the energy is there now! Yeah, yoga!

Plus, I miss kayaking out on Jackson Lake in the Tetons again… that was truly a HUGE favorite for me in my absolutely most adored place ever. I may need to return there ASAP.

But what do you guys enjoy? Anyone else feeling the urge to get out there?

Wheat & Soda Free Life 

This month features us going entirely wheat free. That means any compound or binding ingredient with a derivative of wheat is a huge no no as well. This is all in hopes of resetting how our bodies break down wheat to avoid inflammation in the future.

Along with this, I also have been 2 weeks now with no soda and no creamer in my coffee. The coffee bit was not much of a stretch for me. With an allergy to eggs and cow’s milk I was ready. Of course, the allergy won’t kill me; I just have to watch my limits of it. Instead, I cut out sugar all together and am using vanilla flavored coconut milk and just a couple of drops. I’ve long loved coconut milk! Super yummy, the least processed, and just never gets to me.

Soda was a little harder. As an avid drinker of 2 liters of water a day, the idea of a variety of taste vanishing worried me. Yet, this is the easiest time I’ve ever faced switching. We started drinking Sparkling Ice flavored waters with no aspartame with our light mixed drink at night. Then I switched to unsweetened iced tea otherwise.

One other drink I discovered through my cafeteria at the hospital where I work. The enzymes I usually take have wheat present. So, they’re a no go. Now, after eggs, and maybe other times, I rely on a ginger ale. However, regular ginger ale is not appropriate. 

Bai has these awesome 5 calorie sparkling drinks with no added sugars. It’s entirely fruit flavors and tons of antioxidants. So, it’s healthy. The kola one tastes to me like a cherry cola. So, in the event I seek a sweet drink, I can find that. They also have a root beer in the cafeteria I haven’t tried yet. But the one I’m loving and helping me is the Jambi Ginger Ale. Literally 5 calories, no sugar, and chalked full of natural ingredients and antioxidants it is awesome when I need bubbly or my tummy has any unease.

This morning I discovered too they also have a Super Purified Water infused with Antioxidants called Antiwater. So giving it a go. It’s pretty good in its 28.4 FL oz bottle. If I forget my liter bottle it’s a good option to fill the gap. It’s got coffee fruit extract, electrolytes, and selenium present.

I’m telling you it’s been so good switching again. I missed it and always love how I feel once I do. Plus it follows suit how yoga makes us aware of our body and I only want to put good things in it. Now, even a sip of soda is WAY too sweet to think of. 

Props to My Husband

Just a crazy blog post to share how much I love my husband! We’ve been going through a lot and both working hard, but I know I couldn’t get by without all the love, strength, support, and comfort he provides me. I seriously lucked out.

Yes, maybe I’m just gushing but it’s important to take time to remember all of our blessings. It keeps us grounded and finding refinement in our lives. After all, isn’t that what my blog is all about? 

Here’s a feminist unafraid of being feminine and reveling in a total girly move!

The Duchess and Cropped Pants – Is it a Do?

So, I found to my delight on Friday morning that the Duchess of Cambridge visited the 1851 Trust for the sailing enthusiast children. A huge treat: she opted for cropped trousers versus her usual skinny jeans! While I adore her skinny jeans and have a couple of pairs myself, it was so nice to see her change it up a bit, especially after many comments on blogs were about that she should not just wears skinnies.

Yet, here she changed up her look and still there were detractors that had to make me laugh. Some say it just looks ridiculous, but I think it looks great on her! Here’s a photo from a fellow blogger who follows the Duchess:

duchess of cambridge land rover bar roadshow

Of course, the irony is I’ve been searching for an absolutely fabulous pair of ankle pants or cropped trousers myself for over a month now! I love to wear them to work. For some reason, maybe the hazard of a small town with only Walmart really, they won’t carry them in store. I found a pair via JC Penny one day, but they were a little snug. So, I have to try again.

I can’t believe how pricey they cost, even for just a simple pair that doesn’t look just like leggings. I ADORE THESE THAT KATE WORE! Yet, really not at all in my budget for a pair of pants. I think I found something similar via Amazon though at this link and for only $21. Hmmm… I’m not sure, but I may just find out.

In the meantime, what do you guys think? With summer heat rising, do you think cropped pants or ankle pants are a do? And any suggestions on where to purchase great but easily affordable ones?

Smooth Body: Awesome Body Butter

Along with, of course, taking care of our face, we must remember that the rest of our bodies require moisture too throughout the day. Sure, I drink a liter of day throughout daylight hours. Then, I consume another liter of water once I return home from work. However, that’s not quite enough, especially in a very dry, arid mountain climate like here in Southern Colorado. There are days I feel downright flaky! Maybe even scaly like a snake!

That’s why I consider lotion an absolute must! And, our skin will thank us for it later. Keeping all our skin supple and dewy also prevents the signs of premature aging and wrinkles. Who doesn’t want a fountain of youth to keep us appearing younger?


I’ve tried using baby oil lathered all over my skin before I towel off from a shower, and I love it! I’ve also made sure my body scrub (post to come) contains essential oils and other nurturing oils that I don’t even need the step of lotion or baby oil as I dry off.

However, what about when we aren’t showering or bathing? What about those days when we’re taking off to work or out and about anytime? That’s where I highly recommend a delicious body butter!

My body butter product is really simple. I combine only a very few ingredients together that bring about AMAZING results! You can ask anyone at my job – I LOVE BODY BUTTERS! In fact, people frequently enter my office in search of one. So, you can imagine my huge surprise when I discovered how simple it was to have an all natural product that actually delivered results WAY better than any other body butter I experienced.


With my body butter you can delve into a sea of coconut oil and shea butter. They are whipped together in perfect combination. Coconut oil adds moisture and the shea butter locks it in, shielding your skin from the sun and wind’s drying forces. I love how smooth it glides on from the jar, melting slowly into the skin, and the best part: No greasy residue! My husband uses it, my mother uses it. I use it constantly. One other great part: it lasts a great deal of time before I need another batch.


I’m telling you, an all natural body butter is insanely awesome! Your skin will thank you for it. I know mine has. Even better news is that I’m not adding a bunch of weird chemicals I can’t pronounce or scents to my skin. Our skin really does act as our filter. We shouldn’t let nasty things enter our bodies through it and we shouldn’t make our body fight harder to rid itself of unnatural things back as it detoxes through the skin. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

Nature’s Dew: Face Cream

So, what naturally ought to follow a facial scrub is a moisturizer. And through my products, an all natural face cream just makes the perfect companion. 

Combining coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, rosemary oil, and frankincense oil, the face cream brilliantly provides moisture to the skin of the face. Coconut oil prevents bacteria and other foes from spreading. It’s also quite a natural means for treating acne. 

The cocoa butter richly lathers on a more dewy complexion and allows just a small touch to spread delicately across the canvas of your face. With the face cream, a little goes a long way. Just a tiny bit will easily melt as it meets and covers the skin.

I adore the smell of rosemary blending with the cocoa butter! Rosemary is a known antiflammatory and helps with redness. It also addresses breakouts and helps control oil production. The frankincense also is a bit antiseptic with the added plus that it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vitamin E adds more moisture and healing properties. It eases scars and imperfections that may arise on the surface while also settling in to remove dullness. All in all, the ingredients merge to provide the best defense against the elements encountered in our day to day lives.

Every morning, I apply a light coating of the face cream to my skin, allowing it to soak in for at least 10 minutes before I apply any make up. I stopped using foundation just over a year ago and only use concealer as needed. The face cream just creates a real dewy and glowing complexion. I love breakouts vanishing quickly once I put the cream over it! Even old acne scars have vanished since I started using it.

After I clean my face in the evening with the facial scrub, I follow up before hitting the pillows with a light coat of the face cream. It’s even lightened the dark circles under my eyes. All of it natural too! Knowing I’m not putting any harsh chemicals or ingredients onto my skin to be absorbed into my body adds to how awesome I’m starting to feel. It’s like a little piece of heaven!

All Natural Beauty: Starting with Rosemary & Frankincense Facial Scrub

I know I said I am putting together a store to sell my new beauty and health products. It’s taken a little longer than I hoped. My hubby is working on the product images. In the meantime, I took a few with my cell phone that are just ok… lol… ok, pitiful.

My products will feature all the freshest and most natural of ingredients. And, I found the most adorable new acrylic containers to place them in. We’ll have everything from facial scrubs to face creams to body butter and even a very manly balm. Ingredients are things like cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils. For those too who don’t know I’m currently taking a course to be certified in herbs, to be able to treat and heal naturally.


The first product, of course, that I intend to feature is my facial scrub. I use this every time I wash my face. It is just so awesome and now that I started using it, I wonder how I ever got by without it. Probably like many of you, I would have success for a time with a facial cleanser, then suddenly I’d break out. Well, those days are long gone. That’s one great thing about my store to come: I will not sell anything without trying it out on my own first.


In my facial scrub, it’s really coconut oil and pure cane sugar as the basis. These two are awesome together! The coconut oil is super moisturizing while also being great for cleaning. It possesses naturally antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Add in a dash of tea tree oil and, VIOLA! SUPER CLEANSING POWER! Then, the sugar is soft enough it isn’t too abrasive on the delicate skin of the face. It adds a dose of exfoliation that sloughs off dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin to a shiny, new glow.

The essential oils were researched and picked to provide the greatest benefits to the skin. Frankincense, a known antiwrinkle agent, is present along with a couple of others leaving behind a super nice, fresh scent.


To use the scrub, I simply splash my face with water. Taking a tiny bit of the scrub onto the tips of my fingers on my right hand I start rubbing the scrub on my face in delicate, circle like motions. It removes make up like a champ by the way! Then, I just splash my face to rinse and pat dry, aiming to follow up with my next product of mention to come: my face cream. I only use the scrub at night to remove my make up and any impurities I’ve famished my skin with. The great thing with the following face cream is that it can also nourish and cleanse anything I’ve picked up from overnight.

I simply love it and can’t wait to share it. No more breakouts and any little hint of one is quickly shot down. Plus, my skin just feels so much better and looks much more glow like since. I can’t wait to share it in my shop.


Precious Me Time – Yoga


About a year and a half ago, I somehow managed to catch the yoga buzz. I always read about yoga, thought it would be interesting, even tried out Pilates a bit, but never got myself set on it. A pin on a board on Pinterest somehow spurred me forward as it showed off the 11 moves for beginners.

At first, I started at my desk and then during conference calls of program updates I would engage in breaks of yoga routines. Eventually I added more and more, leading my 15 minute session into quickly 20 minute sessions. While the hubby and I lived in the RV last year for a few months with the house building, I managed to squeeze in a session most days too.

Before I knew it, I felt so empowered and loved every bit of the sensation as my muscles and body stretched and eased tension from them. Then, I started adding more intense poses. After I spent a day shooting my new bow, I noticed how horribly sore I felt. One quick yoga routine and I was back to feeling great, no pain ever. It far surpassed the ibprofen I would’ve taken normally.

It wasn’t just these awesome benefits alone that made yoga a new favorite. Along with tweaking pain and stretching away, it grew into a therapy. The stress leaving my body was an instant fix. Followed by this, my mind was more centered and I easily could relax. In many ways, it let me listen more often to my body. I became more aware of the foods and drinks I put in my body and also knew what made my body feel stronger and what felt less.

Here it is about 16 months later and I’ll tell you one thing: I sure miss my yoga even on the days I skip for rest in between sessions. I’m working out, growing stronger, gaining flexibility, toning my body, increasing my metabolism, and adding other workouts in more and more like walking and spinning. It’s become a great ME time celebration and one worthy of celebration.

Recently, I discovered a new channel on YouTube from Yoga With Adriene and I love, LOVE her videos and blogs. Yoga with Adriene is where you can find her blog. She explains everything so great and helps me with my flow and that I’m performing poses correctly. I highly recommend it!

Email List & Quick Update


Just a quick update. It’s been such a crazy few months between moving, working, and setting up new items.

Coming soon will be a continuous stream of posts. We’ll also be updating the addition and store for my new products. Along with writing the blog and helping the hubby with his business ventures as I work full time, I also make homemade, all natural beauty products. These items will soon be up for sell and I can’t wait to share them with you. Just think it’s a great way to pamper yourself! I know I sure love the way they make my skin feel!


All that is postponing it is that my husband needs to take the awesome product photography.

So, please stay with me and I’ll be announcing that launch soon. Plus, great posts are in the works as we speak.

I’m also creating a new email subscription to stay up to date with all my postings! Check it out and subscribe!

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